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Simple Tricks for a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Happy Spring, peeps!

As we transition into longer days, you may wonder how you can expand your own self in new yet simple and profound ways this season. Perhaps you have been triggered by someone and wanting to dive down deep and heal some old wounds that keep resurfacing. Take notice: what is it that your soul is asking you to examine?

For me, it's always about money and finances. Being a single mom and the owner of a small healing practice, paying the bills is always at the forefront of my mind. Worrying about money and making ends meet can cause anxiety and even panic attacks, especially having lived through this Covid experience, a bad car accident in 2020, a daughter who need residential get the picture; the last few years were not exactly a walk in the park. Life is not easy - for any of us. That said, though, there are tricks we can all incorporate to help manage the stressors that are inevitable in daily life on Planet Earth.

For you, perhaps it's relationship issues or dealing with your expanding waistline that has you enmeshed in your emotions. No matter the circumstance, we all have something in our lives that needs some spring cleaning. Some very simple and free tips for you:

Tip #1: Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

One of the greatest tools for self-healing is within us: our lungs. Breathing deeply can help oxygenate our organs and detoxify, too, by taking away excess carbon dioxide. Breathing can improve so many functions in your body!

Immune System

Digestive Issues

Cardiovascular Health

Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Sinuses (spring allergies, anyone??)

Tip #2: Get out in nature!!

Chances are that if you already have a dog, you are "forced" to get out in nature and walk your four-legged. If you are a pet-free household, that's all fine, too. Some simple tips for getting in some extra steps each day:

Hit the trail!

Here in Connecticut and New York, we are blessed beyond belief to have so many beautiful rails to trails in our backyard. Go to

Meetup is a great way to connect with likeminded folks. There are several groups focused on outdoor activities, whether it is running, hiking, skiing or kayaking, you're sure to connect with a good group of new friends!

Get a weighted hula hoop and head outside!

Yes, you heard that properly! Hula hooping is an amazing way to get yourself in shape, and, besides the cost of the hula hoop, it is FREE and relatively easy to use, once you get into the groove. I suggest a really nice weighted hoop from Hoopologie. The hoops are made in the USA, and there are many to choose from.

Park the car farther away!

If it is a nice day, and you have been blessed with working legs, take the extra few minutes to park your car a bit farther away from the front entrance to the grocery store. You'll be glad you snuck in a bit more exercise, and you'll feel better about yourself for multi-tasking.

Tip #3: Dry Brushing Twice a Day

Dry brushing is a wonderful way to get the lymphatic system flowing, which helps move toxins out of body.

Get yourself a natural fiber brush. Whole Foods, Homegoods or even RIte Aid all have them.

Begin by "shampooing" your hair. Hang your head upside down, to really get the blood flowing!

Head and neck:

To begin, brush from the back of the head into your clavicle area.

Arms and legs:

Next, raise one had over your head, lightly brushing from the tips of your fingers down toward your elbow, on all sides. , and then from your elbow into your armpit.

The same routine can be done on your legs. I like to kick my leg up on the vanity or the bed or a stool. Brush from the tips of your tows into your glutes.

Tummy and hips:

For the tummy and hips, brush from left to right, along the front of your hips, up the right side of your tummy, across your body, underneath your breasts, and then back down again. Brush in a circular motion, following this pattern.

I hope these simple and free tips help you move into the best version of yourself this spring!

When you are ready for some healing, I welcome the opportunity to hold sacred space for you to unwind, relax and to heal - body, mind and spirit. You can find me at Get or at Doctor Bailey's by appointment.

Spring Offers:

Health & Wellness Coaching Offering - Limited to 3 Clients:

  • 30-day BEMER Pro Set rental - learn more about the BEMER here.

  • 3 90-minute therapeutic massage therapy sessions (to be completed within the 30-day timeframe)

  • Daily coaching on The Whole30 Program, intermittent fasting, incorporating self-care, proper sleep, and movement

  • Normally $1,300. $1,200 for the month, special pricing. Message me to take advantage of this coaching offer, 203.312.3960. I would be delighted to help you elevate your self-care practice and believe incorporating BEMER vascular therapy is an amazing tool for helping bring the body into homeostasis - body, mind, and spirit.

Have a blessed day!

Dorina Leslie, LMT

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