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How Do Crystal Singing Bowls Balance Your Chakras?

The enchanting drones of crystal singing bowls can be very powerful meditation tools that can be used to balance your chakras more effectively. When added to a guided visualization, mantra meditation or vocal toning, the crystal singing bowls can help balance and restore each chakra energy center. Crystal singing bowls come in different notes and frequencies, with the intention of representing certain chakras, from the Root to the Crown Chakra. However, the beautiful thing about crystal singing bowls is that the frequencies can affect any part of the body and any chakra. Frequencies are important, especially in relation to each other and how they are used together. If you are ready for more emotional, spiritual, and energetic balance in yor life, then working with Crystal Singing Bowls to open up and balance out your energy centers is an enjoyable and beautiful way to begin.

Why are certain crystal singing bowls labeled by chakras?

This is a matter of cultural relevance to the chakra system. In the West, we have developed a simple system of 7 tones that corrsepond to the 7 primary Chakras.

The practice of clearing the 7 main Chakras, from Root to Crown, respectively, with each specific note, coupled with the intention asocated with each Chakra, can be a very relaxing and effective meditation practice.

Root Chakra:

Intention: Grounding, stability, security and survival

Color: Red

Location: Base of spine

Musical note: C

Sacral Chakra:

Intention: Joy, pleasure, creativity, passion and sexuality

Color: Orange

Location: Lower abdomen

Musical note: D

Solar Plexus Chakra:

Intention: Empowerment, vitality, willpower, purpose and self-esteem

Color: Yellow

Location: Upper abdomen, betweem the navel aand sternum

Musical note: E

Heart Chakra:

Intention: Unconditional love, self-love, compassion, healing and trust

Color: Green

Location: Center of chest

Musical note: F

Throat Chakra:

Intention: Communication, self expression, and authentic self

Color: Light blue

Location: Base of throat

Music note: G

Third Eye Chakra:

Intention: Insight, intellect, psychic perception and imagination

Color: Indigo

Location: Forehead, between the eyebrows

Musical note: A

Crown Chakra:

Intention: Transcendaence, pure consciousness, oneness and connection

Color: White or Violet

Location: Top of head

Musical note: B

When we take time to clear our Chakras, whether it is once, twice or three times a day, the more balanced we will feel ,and the more in alignment we will be - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Have a wonder-filled Thanksgiving holiday!

May you feel blessed in every way and spread your joy into the Universe, by finding inner peace within your own life.

~ Dorina

Your voice is your power, what you say matters, how you say it matters more. Sound healing isn't making noise it's making connection. Every thought you think makes a sound that vibrates so if you want to live a harmonious life, make sure your thoughts play the right notes. A sound bath is cleansing for the soul. Jen Rizza and I look forward to having you join us for upcoming sound baths at the Newtown Wellness Collective, or we welcome you to gather your own friends and family for a private restorative yoga and sound bath event!

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