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Dorina Leslie

Dorina Leslie is a talented massage therapist and holistic healer.  Following a true spiritual calling, Dorina is a 2013 graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.  She has extensive experience working in a functional medicine office, several spas, as well as in her own private practice.


As an empath, Dorina offers profound energy healing with her therapeutic yet spiritual style. She is known for her customized 90-minute sessions, which include Reiki, BEMER therapy, reflexology, light craniosacral therapy, and wonderful Thai yoga stretching.

Dorina embraces a holistic lifestyle that includes daily self-care, whole foods nutrition, and clean and sober living. She can be found immersing herself in nature and loves kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, or walking her dog.  Dorina is passionate about healthy aging and welcomes the opportunity to teach self-care and nutrition to her clients.


Dorina is dedicated to helping those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and mental health issues. She is a Parent Advocate for Newport Academy, a residential treatment center that saved her daughter's life. 


She welcomes the opportunity to bring BEMER wellness programs into homes, businesses, schools, and residential treatment centers. 

Dorina's Next Step in Her Journey:

Dorina is being formally trained in The Alexander Method of  Sound and Vibrational Energy Therapy, as a student of Lisa Alexander, renowned sound healer and holistic teacher. Additionally, Dorina has begun training in alcohol and drug addiction counseling with CCAR, to fully round out her offerings.


Dorina is committed to supporting those on the road to recovery, whether from mental health issues or addiction. Sound healing helps to clear out all that no longer serves you, at the cellular level, and she is thrilled to be adding this modality to her toolbox. 


Dorina consciously sets the intention to bring more peace into the world with her healing work and is on a mission to help people heal – body, mind, and spirit. 

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