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 Dorina Leslie, LMT 


Dorina Leslie is a talented massage therapist and holistic healer.  Following a true spiritual calling, Dorina is a 2013 graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.  She has extensive experience working in a functional medicine office, several spas, and has had her own private practice since 2018, which is her favorite. Known for her customized 90-minute sessions, Dorina loves connecting with those who find their way to her for healing. Now, the times they are a changing, and with that has come the addition of some amazing new go-to modalities: 


As she has evolved in her holistic healing practice, Dorina has added several modalities, which set her apart from other therapists: Bemer therapy, Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology, and the Alexander Method of Vibrational Body Therapy & Sound Healing.  Expanding her practice beyond bodywork, Dorina has found her Home, and is honored to be offering sound baths, with a layered combination of sacred crystal singing bowls, Koshi chimes, and other sound therapy tools. Sound healing has truly been a way to bring healing to those, for whatever reason, prefer not to get undressed, or who just love energy healing. The Solfeggio Frequencies help raise one's vibration and can transport you to an amazingly blissful state, in a short healing session.  To book a healing service, click here. 

Dorina embraces a holistic lifestyle that includes daily self-care, movement, whole foods nutrition, and clean and sober living. She can be found immersing herself in nature, often with her favorite people in the world - her three adult kids and her dog, Scooter.  She loves kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, dancing, hula hooping, and practicing daily Pilates. An INFP, Dorina loves being at home, cooking healthy meals, listening to memoirs, self-help and storytelling podcasts.  She is a self-proclaimed puzzle dork and is passionate about interior design, changing every inch of her decor, with the change of each season. 


Dorina is passionate about healthy aging and welcomes the opportunity to teach self-care and wellness to her clients and in group settings at The Newtown Wellness Collective. Additionally, she works in concert with Dr. Rich Bailey, longtime chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, and acupuncturist, to assist her clients in moving into the best version of themselves. 


Dorina is dedicated to helping those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and mental health issues. She is a Parent Advocate for Newport Academy, a residential treatment center that saved her daughter's life. She welcomes the opportunity to bring holistic wellness programs into homes, businesses, schools, and residential treatment centers.  Dorina is committed to supporting those on the road to recovery, whether from mental health issues or addiction. She loves helping folks find their way back into the light, by embracing clean living, healthy habits and mindfulness practices.  Dorina believes life is, indeed, a rollercoaster ride, yet we must find ways to overcome adversity and choose to live a full and vibrant life. 


Perfectly imperfect and forever evolving, when she is living her life to the fullest, Dorina consciously sets the intention to bring more peace into the world with her healing work. She embodies her mission to help people heal – body, mind, and spirit and is blessed to following this spiritual calling.  And when she finds herself in need of her own healing, you'll find her doing just that - finding ways to get back into alignment. Thank you for stopping by...hoping to see you soon for some holistic healing! 


The Katie Augustyn Spiritual Connection Show with Dorina Leslie

"On 11.11.11, which is considered an energetic and spiritual portal, Dorina Leslie had a Spiritual Awakening that changed the trajectory of her life. As she puts it, she was "one of the most unawakened people on the planet" prior to that. Dorina found her calling and her gift as a Healer. She is now a massage therapist, alternative healer, and wellness coach. Learn all about her journey, and how Dorina mentors parents whose teen daughters struggle with mental health issues and helps folks in recovery. In her other healing work, Dorina offers The Alexander Method of Sound & Vibrational Energy Therapy, as well as BEMER vascular therapy, at local treatment centers, yoga studios, 1:1, or wherever she is called. I am so inspired by Dorina - who she is and what she brings into the world!"

~ Katie Augustyn

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