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The Big Swerve: My Bemer Journey

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

2020 was, without a doubt, the year of The Big Swerve. It doesn't matter who you are, we were all affected by the events of the Covid 19 experience. Mask-wearing and lockdowns became the norm, and every day felt like a bad dream. It was terrifying just to turn on the news or open social media, but that we did, only to keep track of the infection rate and mounting deaths across the globe. It was weirdness at its best.

For me, I was "shut down" before the rest of the world, here in Connecticut. There are certain days you can remember in your life. Your birthday. The day you got married or the day picked up your dog from the breeder and welcomed him into your home. For me, February 25th, 2020 was a pivotal day in my life.

I was preparing for a trip to Utah, leaving the next day to visit my daughter, who was in a residential treatment center. I'd asked if she and I could do some intensive 1:1 Mother-Daughter therapy, to really dive into all the wounds that needed to be brought into the light and healed. I'd taken our dog, Scooter, for a walk and needed to fill the car with gas. Why I didn't take a right and go to the gas station closest to me, I will never know, but I do believe everything happens for a reason.

Heading north on Federal Road, I had the right of way, the light was green, and I was just minding my own sweet business. There was a car parked under the light at the busy intersection, and he must not have seen me, because he waved on the driver opposite from him. It was awful. I thought, "Oh, shit! I am going to have an awful car accident. here is absolutely no way out of this!" The car whipped into the grocery store parking lot, and I had absolutely no time whatsoever, to react, slamming into their passenger's side door, with my head turning away and my hands on the wheel, bracing for dear life. My poor dog was terrified, rightfully so, and I was simply stunned and in a lot of pain.

Thankfully, a woman came over to me and asked if she could assist me in any way. This earth angel took my dog and waited for my ex-husband to come take him home, while I was whisked away in the ambulance. I never did get to thank this woman for her kindness that day, but it really touched my heart. Fortunately, no bones were broken, especially in my neck, but I did have a really bad case of whiplash and a traumatic brain injury, as I would later learn. Not wanting to let my daughter down, I went ahead with my trip to Utah, taking a wheelchair at the airport, wearing a neck brace and making sure I had plenty of muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories with me. It was certainly not the easiest travel experience ever, but we moms do what we've got to do, especially when are kids are struggling to stay alive. Julia had been in a dark, dark place, and I knew she needed me to be strong for her. We had a great time, despite not being able to ski, as I had hoped, but we enjoyed our mother-daughter time together.

I recall that there were several folks on the plane wearing N-95 masks, as well as on the streets of Salt Lake City. There had been a lot of talk about this virus that had started over in China, but who ever thought it would make its way over to the United States, let alone affect our lives so deeply? Certainly not me. Little did I know that two weeks later, the entire United States would essentially be locked down, especially for folks in the service industry. Things that were considered normal were all of a sudden labeled this Big Scary Thing. There would be no going to restaurants or giving or receiving massage therapy or going for haircuts or manicures.

For me, having the entire rest of the world on lockdown was a relief, because I was unable to do my healing work anyway, with my neck, back and head in such a bad way. I began the long healing process and ran around from one practitioner to the next: weekly trips to physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, atlas orthogonal therapy, and the spine doctor. You name it, I was Patient of the Year, dedicated to taking care of myself and getting back on track, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It was a long road, and some days I just wanted to cry. I could barely do the dishes or ties my shoes or pull a few weeds, without ending up with a huge migraine and needing to lay down and rest. I was a mess. In late May or early June, I had reached Rock Bottom. I couldn't take the pain and suffering any longer. I'd gotten a haircut, FINALLY, and the motion of keeping my neck bent for twenty minutes sent me over the edge, resulting in a migraine that lasted three days.

My friend Laurel had introduced me to the Bemer when she'd come to Connecticut for a wedding, the summer of 2019. My son and I both really liked it quite a bit and found it very relaxing; however, it wasn't until I was desperate and in pain that I asked, "Where can I find the Bemer in Connecticut?" Within a few days, I was connected with a massage therapist in my town, and she swore by the Bemer. "Run, don't walk. Get the Bemer. It will absolutely help you heal." I took her advice and have never looked back!

Wow. What a blessing it has been to have Bemer therapy in my life! I began using Bemer every single day, back in mid-June of 2020, and I saw immediate improvement in my discomfort. My chronic headaches slowly disappeared, and I was able to finally wash the dishes or put my shoes on without Herculean efforts. I found myself moving a bit more easily, though I was still unsure I'd really be able to see clients again. I still had to take it easy and didn't have the stamina for exercise, the way I had before the accident.

By the end of that summer, I surprised myself by hiking a big mountain while out in Utah - without a neck brace. I'd been out there several times for our family therapy, always, always bringing the Bemer with me, because it helped me recover from jet lag and exercise so beautifully. My energy levels had increased significantly, and, very gradually, I noticed that I could go longer stretches without needing a nap. As a total bonus, my skin was starting to look lighter and brighter, simply because I was absorbing more nutrients and oxygen with daily sessions on the Bemer.

In the fall of 2020, I decided I was ready to try working on some massage therapy clients. I started small and saw only one or two clients a week, but, hey, it was something! I was proud of my accomplishments, and now my clients love the Bemer therapy, too. I use Bemer in all of my healing sessions, unless a client has a contraindication, of course, but it really helps keep me on track. You can find me at the beautiful Angel Cooperative in Ridgefield on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The blessing in all of this is that I am now expanding my healing work in the world, launching Corporate Wellness Programs. When I am not doing hands-on healing, my mission is to partner with various doctors, holistic practitioners, and corporations, to create individualized wellness programs for both employees and clients. I am particularly passionate about helping folks struggling with anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, and addiction issues. With all the stress we've all endured with this Covid Experience, who isn't stressed??

We ALL need to breathe a little easier, which is EXACTLY what Bemer is all about. It's as simple this: Bemer helps the cells in your body take in more oxygen and nutrients, and then, more toxins get taken away. The more waste you can eliminate from your body, the healthier and more vibrant you will feel!

Come learn how Bemer therapy, with its patented electromagnetic waveform, helps increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients, in 74,000 miles of your circulatory system, in the microcirculation of the body.

You're invited:

The Angel Wing

51 Ethan Allen Highway

Ridgefield, CT 06877

Saturday, May 1st

10-11:00 am

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