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About Dorina

Hello! My name is Dorina Leslie.
There are no accidents in this life, so thank you for stumbling across my website. As a massage therapist, holistic healer, and self-care aficionado, I am passionate about helping people find their balance.


Everything in the body is connected, and when we are conscious of the decisions we make to be our best selves, we become more in tune with our needs, physically, emotionally and spiritually. By embracing self care rituals which are designed to fill our souls with serenity and inner peace, we can move more gracefully through the challenges life holds.


We can only be there for the ones we love when we choose to place ourselves first. Through daily self care, we can heal our bodies from within and heal the world.

~ Dorina


Massage Therapy and Holistic Healing

The Katie Augustyn Spiritual Connection Show with Dorina Leslie

"On 11.11.11, which is considered an energetic and spiritual portal, Dorina Leslie had a Spiritual Awakening that changed the trajectory of her life. As she puts it, she was "one of the most unawakened people on the planet" prior to that. Dorina found her calling and her gift as a Healer. She is now a massage therapist, alternative healer, and wellness coach. Learn all about her journey, and how Dorina mentors parents whose teen daughters struggle with mental health issues and helps folks in recovery. In her other healing work, Dorina offers The Alexander Method of Sound & Vibrational Energy Therapy, as well as BEMER vascular therapy, at local treatment centers, yoga studios, 1:1, or wherever she is called. I am so inspired by Dorina - who she is and what she brings into the world!"

~ Katie Augustyn

My mission to help people heal – body, mind, and spirit. 

What Clients Say

Dorina is a delightful multidimensional energy worker. I thoroughly enjoyed my recent experience with her during an hour of sound healing and BEMER therapy.

Stepping into her beautiful workspace at The Angel Wing immediately brings calm and peace to both body and mind.

Loved the sounds of her tuning forks and their vibrations on my body plus the gentle, subtle energy coming from the BEMER mat.

Shortly after she began, I dropped into a comfortable lull leaving the outside world behind. I emerged on the other side of this beautiful transformative experience -- relaxed, grounded, and happy.

I highly recommend seeking Dorina out for not just a sound healing and/or BEMER experience but also for her massage and reflexology work.


203.312.3960   |

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